• 1. High resistance and durability

    Formex extends its lifespan

  • 2. Maintenance not required

    Inorganic material, resistant to abrasion and weather.

  • 3. Assembly: manual, crane is not needed

    Only two people are needed for a simple and secure installation.

  • 4. Posibilidades estéticas

    Different finishes, texture on both sides and invisible joints.

  • 5. Easy to transport

    Your fencing system is delivered palletizing, with simple assembly instructions.

Precast concrete fences

System designed for simple assembly

Our precast fences are the best solution to limit and close farms and parcels and offer you security and privacy in your environment.
They can also be used as enclosure and delimitation of other areas such as:

  • Perimeter fences.
  • Dividing lines of property.
  • Narrowing of rail-shaped roads and highways.
  • Acoustic screens and noise barriers in areas near highways and motorways.
  • Preservation of intimacy and privacy of environments such as patios and swimming pools.
  • Construction of prefabricated sheds.
  • Low-altitude land containment (up to 90cm) by creating gardeners.
  • Decorative walls.

The advantages offered by our system of prefabricated concrete fences are many, especially emphasizing that it does not require further maintenance. All its elements are made with Formex H35, an architectural concrete of high resistance: poles, panels, cornices and in the case of textures of brick and natural stone capitals. The connection systems designed exclusively by our engineers makes the gap between panels unnoticeable.

The maximum height of the fence that can be achieved with our system is 2.40 meters with a distance between poles of 1.5 meters.

Among our range of products you can choose between different finishes, surface textures and colors that allow to give an aesthetic touch to the choice of the customer.

  • Craft Wood
  • Aged Brick
  • Natural Stone


Varias texturas y acabados




Formex® Fences

In a range of finishes

Natural stone


Craft wood

Rail fences


Garden walls