This footbridge resolves the passage of pedestrians and cyclists over the V-12 in optimal conditions of accessibility and safety. Executed within the project of extensión of the Camí la Mar – Vereda de Magraners of Puçol, allows the connection of its urban center with the beach.
Taking into account the proximity to the sea of ​​the placement, this solution made of Formex® is the most suitable due to its high impermeability and stability against corrosion. These features provide durability and less maintenance costs

Formex® Howe standardized footbridge over the V-21 road

Owner: Local government of Puçol

Type: Formex® Howe

Year: 2014

Location: V-21 en Puçol, Valencia – ES

Design: Research & Development Concretes S.L. (RDC)

Other Formex Howe footbridges

The footbridge is composed of a constant-depth deck lightened by two lateral lattices and a deck made from slabs sustained in struts in a Virendel arrangement.

The access ramps to the footbridge are sections formed by a single box cell.

Banisters are made of Formex®.


33 meters over the V-21 motorway; 9 meters of ramp

Number of spans

2 spans, 33 meters over V-21 motorway; 17 spans of 9 meters and 1 of 6 meters beetween piers; 6 spans of 9 meters of abutment walls.

Deck width

3 meters